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    Humansville School District will be hosting an informational meeting for parents and/or guardians who are homeschooled and/or attend a private/parochial school (Must live within the school district’s bus line.) If you would like more information about our special education services and have a student who is currently being homeschooled and/or attends a private or parochial school; please join us on December 12, 2022 from 4 p.m.-5 p.m. in room 161, as we discuss the referral and evaluation process, diagnostic services and more. For more information, please contact Tisha Bell at 417-754-2535 ext 161.

    Thank you,

    Tisha Bell

    Process Coordinator

    Humansville School District

    Posted 12/8/22

    Posted 11/30/22


    Get into the spirit of the season with the

    Scholastic Holiday Book Fair!

    Save the date for December 2-12 at Humansville.

    It's a one-stop shopping trip

    full of great gift ideas for your kids.

    Posted 11/28/22

    Middle and High School Bulletin

    SCHOOL DAY: 67 of 159 

    DECEMBER 08, 2022

    Good Morning, Today’s lunch is PASTA BAKE/Salad Bar

    The Junior Class is doing a Candy Gram fundraiser for prom this year. Forms were passed out to teachers on Wednesday, 12/7. If you need more copies, feel free to print them. If students wish to participate, they need to turn in their forms to you with payment ($1 each) by next Tuesday, December 13th. You can give the forms and money to Mrs. Masters, Ms. Wise, or Mrs. Bell. We will pass out the candy grams on the 16th. Thank you! 

    Seniors & Juniors: The December ACT will be here soon (12/10/22).

    Juniors & Seniors: The February ACT will be here soon (02/11/23), and the registration deadline is 1/6/23. If you would like to take the test in February, please see Mrs. Deckard for registration  information and sign up at The ACT is necessary for admissions and scholarships at many colleges. If you have any questions about the ACT, please feel free to contact Mrs. Deckard.

    The Humansville School handbook states that to earn a credit a student must have at least a 93% attendance rate per semester. This means that a student cannot miss more than 7 periods or classes during a semester. According to the handbook, no distinction will be made between excused and unexcused absences for reasons of this credit policy. 

    If a student has an attendance rate of less than 93%, they will need to attend Friday School or Saturday School to make up attendance hours. In the event the student’s attendance rate does not exceed 93%. The student will remain in the class and receive a grade of NC. A grade of NC will be averaged into the student’s grade point average as an F. 

    FFA: Next Friday is our Christmas party and everyone that is participating needs to show up to the ag room during advisory and bring their gifts.

    Calendar Events:

    12/09 -Friday school 

    12/09- FFA party 

    12/10- ACT 11/12 grades

    Posted 11/28/22


    Grandparent's Day
    Parents as Teachers
    Humansville Parent as Teachers

    What is Parents as Teachers?

    Parents as Teachers is a free program for all families living in the Humansville District. This program serves families from prenatal until their child enters Kindergarten.

    Through home visits and group connections we promote optimal early development, learning and health of young children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers

    Why is it Important?

    Learning begins at home, before children ever go to school.

    PAT helps build a strong foundation for school readiness and success! 

    For More Information, please contact:

    Becky Peters, PAT Educator

    417-754-2219 or 417-770-4727


    About Our School